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Thyroid Imbalance

Thyroid hormone is critical for your body’s processes. It helps regulate your body’s temperature, converts food into energy and works with other hormones in your body to maintain balance in other systems. Thyroxine, or T4, is an inactive thyroid hormone that is converted to T3, the active form of the hormone. Hormone replacement therapy may require the use of thyroid hormone to ensure balanced, healthy results.


When too little active thyroid hormone, or T3, is in the body, you may experience a wide range of symptoms, including cold or heat intolerance, dry skin, dry hair, fatigue, low blood pressure, swelling or bloating, low sex drive and infertility, period irregularity, constipation, foggy memory, anxiety, reduced metabolism and unexplained weight gain, joint and muscle pain, high blood cholesterol, hypoglycemia and an enlarged tongue or deep voice.

Patients with hypothyroidism are often treated only with T4, the inactive form of the hormone. This may be appropriate for some patients, but others may need to be supplemented with both T4 and T3 for the best results. Patients with thyroid resistance, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia may be more likely to benefit from this approach, which uses either T3 alone or a special combination of T3 and T4.

Unfortunately, commercial preparations only offer an immediate release version of T3 preparations or combined T3 and T4 preparations. This immediate release can result in continued imbalances by promoting abnormally high T3 concentrations, which can trigger potentially serious side effects. Delayed-release formulations of T3 are often recommended for better symptom control and a reduced risk of side effects.

If you have hypothyroidism or a thyroid imbalance, our pharmacists can work with your health care provider to compound the most appropriate blend of T3 and T4 for your personal needs in a formulation that allows for extended release for maximum benefit without unwanted side effects. Sustained-release formulas are particularly recommended when patients are not experiencing the desired results from treatment with T4 supplements alone or with immediate release T3 supplements.

Before undergoing thyroid treatment, it is critical that you undergo tests that evaluate not only your thyroid’s function but also your overall hormone levels and balances and your potential for adrenal fatigue. Because liver dysfunction, nutritional deficiencies and absorption problems can also contribute to hormonal imbalances, addressing these problems may improve the overall success of your treatment regimen.

Nutritional supplements may also be recommended for patients with symptoms of hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia. The right combination of hormone replacement and nutritional support can help you enjoy more freedom from symptoms and enhanced quality of life. We can compound precise formulas to help enhance your overall treatment regimen and to meet your unique health care needs. We will work closely with your health care provider to identify primary concerns and to formulate a supplement that will bring you the desired symptom relief and help restore healthy, balanced hormones. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.


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