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Virtually every aspect of your body is unique. You are not standardized or designed to fit into a convenient one-size-fits-all slot, so it just makes sense that your medication be made specifically for your unique needs. Our specially trained professionals offer specialty compounding services through our pharmacy using leading-edge technology and the latest medical advances.

In the past, there were few mass-produced medications, and compounding was the most common way to get necessary treatments. Today, medical professionals are increasingly recognizing the need for more personalized drug options. The dosages, strengths and even forms of mass-produced medications may simply not be appropriate for you or provide you with effective symptom relief. Our compounding pharmacy can give you just what the doctor ordered with a fully customized medication.

We can offer a wide range of compounding services, including:

  • Specific dosages for your personal needs
  • Dosage forms that are not readily available, including lollipops, chewable or gummy medications, sublingual drops, nasal sprays, rectal solutions and transdermal gels that make it easier for those who struggle to swallow pills
  • Medications without unwanted additives, such as alcohol, dyes, sugar or other problematic ingredients
  • Medications that are not mass-produced
  • Multiple compatible medications in a single dosage form to simplify administration and compliance
  • Pediatric medications that are compounded specifically for the unique needs of infants and children
  • Veterinary medications that are not commercially available

The preparation of your medication should not be left to chance. Our compounding pharmacists and technicians use only the highest-quality medications and the latest techniques to create medications to your doctor’s precise specifications. We adjust for the active ingredient, tonicity, viscosity and other critical factors to ensure you have the most appropriate dosage and form for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can partner with you and your health care provider to improve your health care.

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